Education development international

Education development international, activity update:

After our first annual meeting with our new members we are working further on our profile. In the meantime we are active in among others:

  • The Philippines, where members Dolf Hautvast and Respect Education Foundation together with our partner Rogier van ‘t Rood and Cordaid work towards trauma rehearsal. Including training of teachers in respect education, cooperative working and multiple intelligences in which 150 teachers are involved. The project is under research by the Mindanao State University and University of Groningen.
  • In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where member Michael von Bonninghausen works with students from medium vocational education in an approach based on peer activation in peer based understanding and helping transform tendencies towards radicalism.

    Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

    Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

  • Swaziland, where member Kees Hammink is fulfilling a evaluation and monitoring field research for the European Commission in vocational education.
  • Nepal, where member Boudewijn van Velzen helps a local school in development.
  • In Amsterdam, where member Marco Matthijsen is involved as jury member of INESPO, the International Environment & Sustainability Project Olympiad, and helps with new plans for teacher training and has helped the Dutch Teacher Labor Union to develop an ict plan in order for teachers to engage eachother more easily in professional development, across employment of schoolboards.
  • Congo and Burundi, where members Dolf Hautvast and Femke van der Ster from Respect Education Foundation work together with Cordaid in training of teachers towards positive social learning, in a combination of respect education, adaptive learning, cooperative working and multiple intelligences.

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