Quality policy & activities update

Autumn projects EduXxprss

In November and December we will be very busy with different projects and the preparation of some long lasting projects.

  • With Cordaid, Foundation Respect Education and van’t Rood Services members Dolf Huatvast and Femke van der Ster work towards on a training for Burundi where we will work the coming half year for restoration of social security and peaceful coexistence of children. Partly based on the disaster restoration training we have delivered and will work further on in Samar, Philippines.
  • With Foundation Mau ku Mau in Upper Surinam we work on the development of TripleEducation, a new concept for entrepreneurial vocational education for 12-18 year old students in remote areas.Quality-Policy-Education-EduXprss
  • With different regional vocational education centre in the Netherlands we are exploring a new kind of design of education for level 2 that makes it more attractive and sustainable for the future, and
  • We work together with Islamic schools for scenario based school policy.

Quality Policy EduXprss

At the same time we have worked towards defining our quality policy in 5 C’s: Contributive, Consistent, Commitment, Compliant and Capacity & competency based. You can read more about it here.

The end of the year means also looking back on the fruits and pits of the last year, as well as looking forward on the next year. On potential cooperation’s and chances. Among them every year are the European grant schemes like Erasmus+. Of which most deadlines will be in next February and March. As experienced grant intermediary we are open for cooperation’s, ideas and wishes.

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