Difficult situations different solutions

Difficult situations different solutions for sustained progress in education

This is a terrain our heart starts ticking and ticking. It comprehends situations with low participation, difficult regions or restoration after distortions, or more simpler said: Difficult situations different solutions.

difficult situations different solutions

Getting the picture for a solution that fits

Education in many cases is about the reproduction of education as we know it. But in too many cases this doesn’t fit. In EduXprss we combine a massive expertise of different experienced education consultants in development countries, which we like to mirror to eachother to develop the best solutions, beyond traditional assumptions of what is normal or good are educational, social and financial attractive.

  • Absenteeism of teachers. Situations with very high absenteeism of teachers by example require an integrative approach for restoration of professional and affective communication, learning and progress. Although in many cases their salary is of relevance in this perspective, in all too many cases this isn’t the only cause.
  • Drop out of pupils.
  • Low participation of parents. Especially in cases of minority participation towards parent participation and community involvement.
  • Restoration of education after human or natural disasters.
  • Education for rural areas, from primary education (Satellite schools) to secondary education (Triple Education).

Interested in how we see your situation can be adressess effectively, efficient and affective?

What the perspective of difficult situations different solutions will lead you to? We will be honoured to help you!

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