Talent development

Talent development

The topic of talent development gets increased attention. Some would say it is already a buzz, a keyword for saying the same things we always do in a different jacket thats good for our shop (window-dressing). Although such a usage is always a danger for an interesting new perspective, it comes also partly because in many cases policies don’t address the real different dimensions that talent development consists of, leading to a stuck of efforts for talent development in putting up some schools and programs for some special talents, like a program for sport talents, artistic talents etc.

Talent development is exploring different skills and perspectives

What can we do for schools regarding talent development?

  • Guide in a process of raising awareness of different talents of children. As well as of teachers, and increased capacity to combine different talents of different students and teachers.
  • Training and guide process in professional development regarding talentdevelopment, from cooperative learning to multiple intelligences, from entrepeneurial learning to artistic learning, from ethical learning to challenge based learning.
  • Whole school development policy, including its leadership.

What can we do for teacher training institutes

  • Review of existing training programs regarding their contribution towards a talent rich education practice.
  • Masterclass talentdevelopment, in general or more specific to be able to include and promote entrepeneurship, science based working, social responsbility or creativity based learning in education.
  • Train the trainers. Training of teacher trainers in making their training more challenging and affective.

What can we do for systems regarding talent development?

  • Analyse of incentives and disincentives in the different policy domains regarding talentdevelopment in schools and cooperation between schools regarding this. Because if schools cooperate around school programs, they can together offer better programs for more specific talents.
  • Pros and cons and costs of improvement of the system regarding its incentives and disincentives regarding talent development.
  • Development of programs and or its implementation regarding the fostering of specific talents in education, like entrepeneurial learning, creative learning or social responsbility and cohesion in general.

Talent development, all sports all different skills and perspectives


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