Teacher training for didactical muscles

Teacher training

Teachers are at the heart of the quality of education and the school as a living learning community. Teacher training therefore should directly contribute to these roles and functions. We see training as something that has to contribute to the professional muscles of teachers, or more especially their didactical muscles to speak in a lively image.

Training can have different backgrounds, which we will sensitively integrate in the training in adjustment with the mandator:training of professional muscles and didactical muscles

  • The need of teachers expressed by themselves as temporary focus of professionalization.
  • The need for professionalization regarding adequate implementation of existing or new curriculum subjects.
  • The need for restoration of certain subjects that require attention, whether after an (external) event or long time slight neglect or just a subject that gets high attention in the public eye. Whether it is social cohesion and security or language, mathematics or the arts.
  • The need for improvement or innovation of education in general, by example to be better adaptable to the talents of children, differences between children or 21st Century skills.

Ways of training

Ways in which the teacher training can be offered are dependent on different circumstances, like the distance from the teachers to the training place, the differences in their work schedule, the possibilities for our trainer to make a periodical come back etc. But to give an example:

  • What we like best is train the trainers. In that way we can transfer our capacity and make the best usage of local capacities.
  • A bigger target group of to be trained teachers in one or half day sessions of a certain maximum of teachers, which therefore will be splitted in multiple sessions during the week, more or less on different places. When it is a possibility to come for a next session in the week upon that would be best to reach a certain minimum of implementation.
  • Steam training of more then 2 days.
  • Masterclass. Together with a local training institute we can develop a masterclass on a higher level, like an association of school boards, or teacher training at university.

Points of attention to contribute to enduring professionalism

Whatever the need is, we will always look at aspects which relate with sustainability of professionalism in terms of results and commitment. To give an example:

  • What do you have in your team? How can you better use that? Meaning that we use a lot of active interaction methods during the training to increase full participation and results.
  • What makes your teachers tick? What makes their eyes twinkle? What sort of practical and methodical knowledge and skills can help them make attractive, effective education!
  • In which way the contributions through the training will get sustainable support within the school, its culture and its system and procedures. Leading to especially attention to leadership, enduring space and usage of professionalism and accountability procedures and instruments. Of course our mandatory has to handle with regulations he has no influence on, but we can include that in this point of attention.

Special expertises in teacher training

Some of our special expertises in teacher training are:

  • Adaptive education and cooperative learning. This is a domain that makes the work of teachers especially lighter and more lively, because it will give them a toolbox to engage students better.
  • Multiple intelligences. This is a domain of differentiation in looking at talents of children and differentation of teaching that makes it easier to understand the differences between children and to match better with children who doesn’t fit the mainstream talent perspective.
  • Transversal didactics, As also explained under the page talentdevelopment, we have a special expertise regarding talentdevelopment, including adaptive education, cooperative learning, multiple intelligences etc.
  • More specific topics, using more or less the above mentioned perspectives are: traumaprocessing, peacefull/respect increasing education, entrepeneurialrich education, critical science skills education, creativity increasing education.

EduXprss consists of people who have shown to be top of the bill in teacher training, and we can inform you specifically why cause of their experience on different continents and different cultures. To be able to deliver more, EduXprss doesn’t consist of good trainers only, but also of very bright projectmanagers, reviewers and education designers as well.

Because we have a wide network, we can also guarantee enough professionals for the question at hand, including replacement in case of emergency so our mandator can stick to his scheme, of which we know can be very important to.

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