What we do: education services

Education services of EduXprss in general

Analyse – From the perspectives you need us to do as well as from perspectives we propose to you as helpful.. From a short counter analyses to know if you are really in the good direction of forgetting important aspects until a breakthrough analysis.

Training – We combine a very unique set of experienced trainers with a passion for development of education.

Coaching – From the perspective of development of the client and his/her questions and possibilities for development. A professional friend can just help you break through mental or practical barriers

hands on education services

Hands on education services

Monitoring & evaluation – It can be very helpful if an experienced adviser will monitor a project that guarantees its governance and will result in process improvement and/or a sound accountability.

Concept development – We will work with you getting to the core of what you want, and facilitate the development of your educational program

Authentic marketing – Being aware of your mission and being able to communicate authentic will give a boost to the marketing of your organisation. People talk about your school or system in a way it makes you proud. We like to sort out with you your authentic message.

Product development – Curriculum development,  assessment systems, development of special programs for education for primary and secondary schools, for example peace programs, respect education, innovatory projects for practical learning and special needs: we love to create those! with you.

Change management – Is there a need for great steps in your organisation? Let’s start the process in cooperation with the different stakeholders to create a new, shared future!

Projectplanning and/or projectmanagement, We can help you with a good plan that is realistic to address implementation in reality, clear for stakeholders to be able to communicate, ambitious for stakeholders and shareholders.

Some of the education services you can read more specifically in the subpages, like: assessment policy, board academy in education, social security in education, vision development for education & schools and services and costs.

About some of our special education expertises involved in these services more information can be found around: professionalization of teachers, talent-development, Education accountability economics and system evaluation you can read in the links included.


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