Board academy in education

Board Academy in education are hot for a good reason

When schoolboards are getting bigger, or schools are cooperating in a bigger network, the challenge rises to make effective usage of that scale for professional development and education development. Academy of Athens! First Board Academy in Education?

We are experts in the phenomenon of Internal Academies. Big schoolboards have such a potential of internal expertises, whether it is their bigger budget for external expertise, or – more interesting – their internal reservoir of expertises to match supply and demand. Therefore many schoolboards/associations discover that it is interesting to combine these two in the development of what can be called a Board Academy, House Academy or Internal Academy.

Typical mistakes in design & implementation of Board academies prevent sustainable success

We know this out of our expertise in guiding a network of Housacademies in the Netherlands since 2010 which represent more then 15% of primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands, as well as from the research regarding social innovation and or what is called professional learning communities.

Therefore we are very aware of the different possibilities, risks and potentials. One of such risks is to enlarge the barrier of quality by forms of internal supply. An Internal Academy is not like the School of Athens about a few very bright shining professionals of whom all others can learn. Which off course all people will confirm, but when it comes to measures to guarantee a certain quality, we easily tend to forget in which way the actual rules, (formal) procedure and instruments we use to accomplish that quality suppress the very simple motivation of lots of people to offer something although they have enough quality. Therefore in the design of an internal academy the cherising and development of the drive of all professionals to learn from eachother, and dare to develop and offer your own expertise should be central.

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