Monitoring review and evaluation

Monitoring review and evaluation for education improvement

Many members of EduXprss have a very high standard and experience in review studies of education improvement projects in all continents and with different international partners like Europe Aid, Unicef, Cordaid, Oxfam among others as well as national partners.practical Monitoring review and evaluation

EduXprss partners take it as their honour to deliver high quality services, in a way the client will be able to use the review for a better scaling up, redesign, further implementation or smart changes for its future implementation.

Getting the red line in Monitoring review and evaluation of education

Getting the red line through all the papers and visions


Some special topics regarding monitoring review and evaluation:

  • Evaluation of improvement projects. From wide training programs to integrated school development programs. In a later stage or from the start of its preliminary design, as a short external feedback if all assumptions in the program fit with the perspectives for the program regarding the practical local circumstances, possible contraproductive elements in the program or between the program and the local situation or regarding the design of the implementation and its phases.
  • Evaluation of system and instruments of accountability,until assessments to. Because if these are not right, people tend to use them not in  the right way, it cost a lot of negative emotion and it doesn’t do justice to the real development of people and worst of all, the danger of teaching to the test, as well as of narrowing of the curriculum.
  • Evaluation and redesigning financing of education. There is an old wise saying: He who pays the piper calls the tune. Meaning, if you carefully dare to look at what the effects are from your present system of financing. You can save a lot, in real euro’s, in better spending or better educational results, in better social appreciation of education, in better working conditions (drop down of absenteeism). But it could also mean that you get better policies if restructuring financing means that people tend less to ask for regulation by the government of every problem or aspect of education.

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