Services and costs

Some examples of services and how it will work.

·         Analyses: Of questions to explore solutions for a better return on investment. You don’t pay for copy-past-adjust advises. We will always link questions with interesting perspectives of development in relation to different results. Example: How accountability instruments can work out for better system wide information about their results as well as its influences on the ground, in which way those instruments reduces the flow of work or narrow the targets of education. Because if your analyze is of a linear approach, you don’t get such multi-effect insights. But we know these exists and can give you the info how to address these.

o   Needed: papers, laws/regulations and numbers regarding present situation.

o   Costs: without interviews on the ground for more in depth information such a research could cost from 3 to 10 grand euro’s.

o   Function, why:  To assess whether further political regulation is necessary regarding situation and whished outcomes. To help think out of the box to explore solutions which could be used better.

·         Counter analyses. Analyses of a problematic situation or proposal for solution of an issue as counter analysis. Before you change a whole system. It could be very useful to know if there aren’t perspectives which will save you a lot if you include these before or in the policymaking.

o   Needed: see above, supplementary the other analyses or not (if wished neutral).

o   Costs: without interviews on the ground costs could be between 2 and 5 grand.

o   Function: as counter analyses to value the outcomes of another (more costly) research.

·         Research for policy. Having experience for more than 20 years in educational policy, we know paper is patience. You can advise everything by using different methods/instruments of research by changing the use of parameters, and the measure of parameters. One of the best research methods is therefore still a combination of subjective quantitative research via qualitative interviews. Example: The costs and return on investment of the usage of working books as supplementary by learning books. Working books are developed to make the work easier for teachers. But are they really necessary and in which way?

o   Needed: Depending on the level of specificity. The sort of books and working books in schools and their respective usage resp. general info about sort of books and working books and their usage.

o   Costs: One research with qualitative research with pupils/teachers 5 to 10 grand euro’s.

o   Function:  Although learning material costs for students in welfare states around 300-400 euro, savings could be made around 20 to 30% of the material learning costs.

·         Policy designing. Like the optimal mix between class size reduction vs. training of teachers vs. organizing education different. Needed: present papers, regulation and numbers about situation.

o   Needed:

o   Costs: 1-3.000 euro. Usage: as a fresh perspective for political debates. As supportive research for an policy already in preparation. As an easy to follow up advise for policy change/making/continuation. As a counter perspective for different political ideas.

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