Social security in education

Social security in education

We are specialized in different social security issues. From social safety competences up to racial tension issues.

As our logo shows, we discriminate questions according the dimension it belongs to. Social security is one of those questions which by scores high on a combination of dimensions. So to increase that you should not stick to some simple measures, but to approach them as a whole and let people show and feel that it is taking care in it’s whole, which doesn’t need to be that all possible measures has to be taken. It comes foremost down to let people feel a progress in process. The most important dimensions in this perspective are the primary learning dimensions of teachers and curriculum.

If a teacher doesn’t feel himself safe we can’t ask that from children. So how do he feel himself in social perspective. And does he feel comfortable to deal with social issues in the classroom at daily bases, and knows how to internalize social development in the organization of learning. safety in schools

Pro-active developing social security capacity: prevents and helps managing incidents!

Incidents in social security can be more expected if the level of integration of social competency in the curriculum is low, formal and in practice. That doesn’t need to cost extra hours outside the main subjects, but is has to get attention as transversal competency throughout the curriculum. But it could also mean that with some actions with a good participation of different people schools can make a turn in social unsafety, as well as with different forms of peer-participation. There are at least 12 ways in which you can foster peer-participation in school leading to more co-responsibility of pupils for the whole school and its learning.

A special domain regarding social security in education is that of tensions in discriminatory way. We would like to help those schools that dare to take racial and other discriminatory issues to use it as something you can learn from. Do you know the difference between patronizing discrimination and discriminatory patronization? And when the last turns into the first?

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