Vision development for schools & education

Vision development for schools & education

The Xprss part in our name contains that vision development is a cornerstone of our expertise and passion. To help people and work associations of people:

  • to express really what they do,
  • want to mean and
  • want to express!

Such questions look simple sometimes, but here you can make a lot of improvement regarding vision development for schools!

To take a simple example, we know now from research and everyday practice that workers in the field judge the value of the vision of their school by its meaning in practice. You can have a beautiful vision, teachers are not stupid! So if they don’t feel the vision in the practice of their daily work, or have an understanding that such can be real in the near future, things will be said about the formal vision that you don’t like to hear.

One very commonly neglected issue in the relation and therefore power of synchronicity between the vision of the school and policies regarding practice are evaluation forms. Because if the vision is not reflected in such forms, the vision feels as an empty promise. And we may be glad that – although in many cases there are a lot of misfits between vision and practice – most teachers take their responsibility to hold on to their passion to contribute to the development of children.

Vision development schools doesn’t stop with embracing a special vision

A lot of pedagogical visions appeal to the effort and work of teachers. But even in such places the reflexes to withdraw on simple demand and control actions are tempting to much when it comes to questions or procedures.

So if you really want to make a difference, and enjoy the full commitment of teachers, especially in harsh financial times, you should and could change your culture, processes and instruments to accomplish this. A fresh view from outside can be very helpful to make these steps. Especially to question around instruments of HRM and the framework of assessment, in light of your vision. To help making vision development for schools in sync with what stakeholders everyday can experience as real. 

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