Boudewijn van Velzen gets ‘ICSEI Award of Life Membership’

The International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvrement (ICSEI) as granted Boudewijn van Velzen (co-initiator and Chairman of EduXprss on leave) with the ICSEI Award of Life Membership, for his sustainable and contributive efforts for ICSEI and his commitment for schoolimprovement.

ICSEI - International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement

ICSEI is a well known network of researchers, policymakers and practitioners working in education in more than fourty countries worldwide. Current president is Andy Hargreaves.

Boudewijn van VelzenVan Velzen, co-initiator of EduXprss and resigning chairman of EduXprss Cooperative mid 2017, is the fourth Dutch scholar who receives this honour. Other Award members among others are Elma Harris and Karen Seashore.

Boudewijn van Velzen has worked always on the crossing of good governance and leadership, education development and practice oriented research. For decades also from his position as director of APS International in an international context.

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