EduXprss is looking for colleagues

Knowledge sharing, innovating, cooperating?

We are looking for new Education Consultants. Join EduXprss, the network of education specialists.

EduXprss is open for new membership!

EduXprss is a not for profit cooperative of advisers, consultancyfirms and education development organisations willing to commit for improvement of education at various levels, as well as driven to contribute to public debate and fruitfuil education research. Onderwijs adviseur gezocht

We like to expand our organisation with new professionals looking to associate with a network that sees its added value in various, complementing expertises in education, preferently with international experience and inspiration so we can open expand our international staffing.

As an EduXprss member you will hold in esteem of a huge network of trainers and experts in education support and development, you will use knowledge sharing, can rely on eachothers expertise in the development of project proposals and invoke colleagues for the requested expertise in your projects.

Facilities included in membership of EduXprss:

  • Liability excluded (U.A., in Dutch; ‘Uitgesproken aansprakelijkheid’), you are not liable for services or projects delivered in name of EduXprss.
  • Professional support and handling, including testing of offers by the board, general conditions at the CoC, able to offer replacement in case of impediment.
  • Facilities such as: email account, businesscards, mobile beamer & printer (lease-end).
  • ICT facilities such as: Office 365/2016, Internet security package, 1TB cloud storage, 60min Skype for free p/m.
  • VAT advantage (of 14,33% lower end costs when you hire colleagues).

Interested? You are welcome!

Mail or call us for more information or a meeting conversation!

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