New members EduXprss

EduXprss new members

While we are very busy with our work, by example Boudewijn van Velzen as one of the few foreign members of the Ukrain Strategic Advisory Group on Education, we had a first meeting with potential new members of EduXprss Cooperation. It was very succesfull.

Education consultants en development organizations which will become members are among others:

Kees Hammink, Education consultant, has a wide experience in especially Africa, Europe and the Netherlands. Among others in the region of literacy, non-formal adult education and technical and vocational education and training (TVET). He likes to help in policy making, development of programmes and methods, curriculum development, teacher training and evaluation and assessment. He was a former consultant of CINOP, and is chairman of Foundation ABC, the Dutch Foundation for low literated in the Netherlands.

Truus de Haan, from Coaching, Advies & Interim-management Education Development. Starting as a geoprapher, she has contributed to the development of education from the perspective of curriculum development, education consultancy and trainer and the last six years as interim school leader. She has a passion for creating ownership in education from especially the perspective of children as well as small

Michaël von Bönninghausen is a psychologist and mediator and expert in peer education as well as different aspects of diversity, especially around the subject of sexuality among youth and sexual diversity. He is a part-time lecturer at the University of the Humanities in Utrecht in psychology and education in student care, cultural diversity and the psychology of the adolescent. He is also the owner of TransFysiko, and works for different schools in the Netherlands as well as for international education improvement projects from among others the Council of Europe. He is a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology in Santiago de Cuba and is chairman of the Interest Group Sexuality Education of the International School Psychology Association (ISPA), de world organization of school psychologists.

Marjolein Albers and Femke van der Ster from Respect Education Foundation. Respect Education Foundation is famous for their organization of Day of Respect and Week of Respect in Education. A Foundation with whom Dolf Hautvast and EduXprss friend Rogier van ‘t Rood are working together in the Phillipines, Burundi and DR Congo.

Because a number of other organizations and consultants are becoming members to, and our first general member council will be in Februar, more information will come later.

External advisory roles

Jan Pronk, former UN special representative in among others the Sudan, has committed himselve to be a wise adviser around education concepts for development countries.

Mohamed Walid, international development consultant for among others the UN, Unicef, Dubai and the Peace Foundation in New Zealand, and former young leader in Egypt, is a strategic advisor for development of EduXprss. His is a living cosmopolitan from UK to Dubai, from Swiss to New Zealand, from the Netherlands to Mexico.

In the near future we will further structure these roles and interest of other not mentioned people right now regarding governance in development of EduXprss, portfolio and services.

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