Environmental Olympiad 2014, EduXprss in the jury

INESPO 2014: 4th Environmental Olympiad

Co-initiator of EduXprss Cooperation Marco Matthijsen was jury member of national and international edition of the International Environment and Sustainability Olympiad, INESPO, under Chairmanship of Prof. dr. ing. Jacques Reijniers MBA, professor at Nyenrode Business University. This year the national event took place in NEMO, Amsterdam at April the 12th, and the international event in the house of the Province of South Holland in the Hague in the first week of June.

marco matthijsen jury member at INESPO 2014

The INESPO Environmental Olympiad is a nice example of what students in the age from 12 to 18 are able to accomplish when they are challenged to think beyond present known knowledge and technique to solve environmental issues in a variety of categories.

At INESPO students from all continents and more than 40 countries present their innovations, solutions and research regarding environmental issues the present adult generations has bring forward. INESPO has no bias in participation of boys or girls, girls are equally interested in designing and researching of innovative solutions for environmental issues. And INESPO as event itself is an intercultural learning week on itself as well, as students learn other kids from all over the world, and participate in organization of a World fair in the city they live for the INESPO week.

marco matthijsen jury council meeting INESPO

Marco Matthijsen is involved with INESPO from its start in 2009. From 2010 INESPO has started their international editions. It is organized by Cosmicus foundation jointly with the Globe Program, Knowledge program Sustainable through (Kennisprogramma Duurzaam door), IVN, Schools voor Sustainability (Scholen voor duurzaamheid) and NPoint, Dutch platform for education, innovation and talentdevelopment.

More information about INESPO can be found on www.inespo.org

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