Who we are

EduXprss, who we are!

The partners of EduXprss share a passion to help implement, improve or innovate education.

EduXprss stands for:


  • What do you express?
  • What is your story?
  • And how we can help you accomplish what you want in a sustainable, effective and affective way!

EduXprss Cooperation U.A. is a non-profit cooperation of education experts and educational development organizations with complementary expertises in education.

EduXprss is also a network organisation with a network of more then 50 consultancy experts in education.

We are a network organization that brings together people from different generations, to make EduXprss itself a bridge in time. That way we will be better able to help our clients. It makes it possible to bring around the needed expertises and understanding, as well as to offer sharp propositions regarding the costs.

EduXprss Cooperation U.A. has general conditions for services. They will be send on request.

Read more about our EduXprss members here.

Wanna know more? Contact us or read here about our mission & vision.

Style of EduXprss

Our logo supports our balanced approach towards education, because education can refer the same time to qualification, socialisation and personalisation, or education for learning, life and work. Its three or fourfoldness makes it also easy to understand different interests and aspects of education improvement and development. Because different interests and stakeholders have to work together, we have to do justice to their separate values and powers. And at the same time have to able to combine different powers in a joint effort to improve or innovate education.

What we do: our contribution will always be customized  to your educational challenge. From  analyses of complex situations,  and policy developmentto curriculum development and teacher training.

Engaging with EduXprss: If you don’t know who we are, it seems simple to rely on partners you already know. There is one way to find to overcome that to be able to taste how we can be of help: A proposition/project exploration or a free first explorative conversation. A proposition or project exploration can exist out of adjustment of a question or issue you are dealing with to see how EduXprss can be of help. Such a talk can be of help already with our expertise, and doesn’t need to cost you anything

Topics of our expertise: scenario’s as a tool for school development, competency assessment, safe education, anti-discrimination policies, financial change management with better participation of stakeholders, more participation of stakeholders and many more.

If who we are interests you! Contact EduXprss to investigate further!

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