Board EduXprss

The board of EduXprss Cooperative:

The Board meets 10 times a year. EduXprss is a Cooperative organization, meaning that they are accountable to the general meeting of all members, which takes place three times a year.

Adem Baskaya – Treasurer (projectleader, advisor, intermediair) Adem Baskaya Education consultant b

Expertises: schoolleadership, projectmanagement, international cooperation and learning, participation of marginalised people. More information.

A warmth as well as clear and business wise adviser. He is involved in a variety of projects regarding education development and comparative system learning. Adem has a solid base in project management and finances that has additonal value for education leadership. He has a wide network and it is nice to work with him.



Marga HesselingMarga Hesseling – Chairman (developer, trainer, projectleader)

Expertises: vocational education, teacher development, curriculum development. More information.

Linking, committed and calm. Somebody on who you can build on and in which you feel recognised as institution. Special attention towards the challenges of vocational education, professional development of teams and chances and development of various talents of all children and teachers.





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