Adem Baskaya

Adem Baskaya

Email: a.baskaya[at]eduxprss.comAdem Baskaya

Mobile: +31650467464

Projectleader, advisor, intermediair

Knowledge and experience: 

  • Advisory & training of school leaders and board members in primary education.
  • Projectleadership of projects internationally and in the Netherlands
  • Design and delivery of training and workshops
  • Consultancy and development of new products and services

Other functions:

  • Council member of Municipality of Soest: representative education, youth, economy, finance, governance, care
  • Board member Foundation Colourful family and yough (Stichting Kleurrijk gezin en jeugd)
  • Board member Foundation Childrencaravan (Stichting Kinderkaravaan).

Education Adem Baskaya:

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Management, Economy & Law)

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