Our education motto, tagline, name

Our education motto, tagline, name

Our tagline & motto

EduXprss is a partner for implementation, improvement and innovation in education. As experienced education consultants of a non-profit cooperation, we offer state of the art knowledge and guidance to help teachers, schoolleaders, boards, teacher training institutes and governments/authorities in charge of education.

Our tagline for education is:

‘More students more learning!’

This expresses the continuous sustainable effort of all stakeholders to help more students learn more, in every different situation with the powers you have and can develop.

Our motto for education that guides us in our work is:

‘Let schools be bridges of past, present and future’EduXprss motto: Let schools be bridges of past, present, future

This shows our understanding of the complexity of developments, circumstances and tasks education faces every day, because all the time directions matter. On the level of schools this motto explains and addressess:

  1. The need of schools to have the space and capacity to interact with their presence environment.
  2. The capacities and structures schools are build on and have developed, as well as the mandatory regulations from governments and boards from the past they have to work with.
  3. The desire to help students to a future that will fit into society as well as the capacities and desires of students.

Why did we choose for the name EduXprss?

In this way this motto helps to understand what teachers and schools have to deal with, and in which manner policy and facilitation helps or not.

On the level of interaction with our clients this triple time motto expresses in combination with the name EduXprss:

  1. A broad interest in what you express, your present situation and questions you have to deal with. The variant of Express as in this is me, this is what my presence tells you.
  2. What you wanted to have expressed as decided in the past, and the capacities, roles, processes and instruments you have worked with from the past. The variant of Express like in this is my story, this is the dialogue between our vision and policy words in the past and how that worked out in reality!
  3. What you want to be tomorrow and is possible to help you further. The variant of Express like I really wanna go now from A to B, that is the track (express) I want to take.

Interested by our tagline, name or motto for education? Or a further inspirational or confrontational idea?  Let us know.