Mission and vision of EduXprss

Mission and vision of EduXprss

Mission directed towards ambitions regarding changing situation of schools

The situation of schools changes. They face increasing demands of society and different stakeholders. From society, to transmit developed knowledge, values and skills from history to our kids in order to prepare them to become good citizens and to understand our identities. From the economy, to develop healthy, self-confident individuals  with useful technical, analytical and or social skills who can contribute to the  economy. But schools are also expected to contribute to social cohesion in society towards a future we can only merely touch. In other words, schools are  institutions where the three flows of time meet: they bridge past, present and future. That is a core aspect we value in the mission and vision of EduXprss.

Our mission is to help schools, board of schools, ngo’s and governmental organizations to improve their educational systems and education so that  schools  are able to manage such bridges, instead of standing in only one time flow, like copying the past, or be drowned in the troubles of the present without a real vision  for the future which can be touched in the present. Our job is to help you to make better use of the strengths you already have, in people, knowledge and tools, and to make real steps toward affective and effective education, instead  of copying old solutions from others.

It is our ambition to be an internationally renowned partner for: a. decision makers in  educational institutions and educational policies;
b. decision makers who work for institutions which finance the right to education for all;
c. decision makers  specialized in human rights law  regarding education.
We also offer advice  with regard to schools and teachers who pursue an agenda of ownership  of their work aimed at  sustainable flexible schools that contribute to raising citizens of the 21st Century.

Vision, promises & values

Our vision is that education will flourish if we’re able to address the need of teachers to develop their vision in practice. And the needs of parents and children to work on their future while recognizing their identity in relation with others. Most educational systems  hamper the ability of teachers to make real contributions to the development of education. It is our vision that with the right checks and balances, laws and facilities, schools will be community centers of development. Schools where interdisciplinarity is   applied in subjects and perspectives, entrepreneurship in working and learning, joy in learning because the world is explored by using different talents.   As a result new skills and knowledge can be obtained which may increase satisfaction in learning. Schools where teachers are continuously annoyed  by bad politics – with all its negative costs –  will be history.  In this way schools  may function as real bridges towards the future of our kids and our society.

Our promise is therefore that we will really bring you  a step further because we know how fast or slow systems can develop and what the tricks are. Whether it concerns advising you in formulating a better or more clear perspective on your  work  or assisting you in developing a better shared vision; A better adjustment   between your organization  and its facilities  and your vision; A smarter way of realizing your targets in an effective as well as affective way. Or by realizing a better potential of continuing development within your organization/system.

Our core values are:

  1. Co-ownership of professionals, because if they don’t feel  co-ownership of their work,  loss of effectiveness will be everywhere.
  2. Enhanced Creativity to cut loose old patterns of thinking and see new perspectives, in personal and  business matters .
  3. Conceptual clearness, because all acts can be reduced towards visions behind it. And if we confront each other with that, it will be easier to  connect vision with practice.
  4. Consistency, because everything has an influence, it is only a question of what kind of influence it has. And if influences   are positive and consistent, their incentives ,  will not conflict with other incentives in the work. Conflicting incentives are very costly.

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